Bobby Bearing - Ball bouncy retro game gets a finished Atari 8bit port!

In 1986 The Edge released an isometric 3D game by the name of 'Bobby Bearing' for the C64, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC that had a very similar vibe to Marble Madness.Well that same game, in which your goal was to find your missing brothers across the vast 3D environment, and then bounce them along to the exit has now been fully ported over to the Atari 8bit by mariuszw and José Pereira.

For what was a frustrating game with difficult challenges such as a time limit, being stunned by evil bearings, air vents, elevators, switches and even rushers, Bobby Bearing for the Atari 8bit is a rather decent port indeed. It isn't just the game that's been ported over from one system to another either, as the main picture title is from the C64 version and re-worked to fit on an Atari 8bit, load picture was taken from a CPC with many hours worth of colour tweaking, game speed improvements and other such change overs were made to make this a worth while release.

Game works on any Atari with 64KB RAM. It supports stereo Pokey, but will also work on standard Pokey setup. It was tested on PAL machine, but it works ok in NTSC mode when tested under Altirra.

What a great Sunday full of fantastic ports and translations!

Links : 1) Source ( Download on forum )

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