Super Aleste (BS) - Early 90s SNES Shoot em up, now available in full English!

To tell you the truth, although I did play on the SNES briefly, it was not my most preferred of gaming systems. It wasn't until much later in my years that I finally had the chance to play all the fantastic games it had to offer, both English and even in Japanese. Once such shoot 'em up game ' Super Aleste (BS) ' published by Toho and part of the Aleste series by Compile, was recently given the translation treatment by tettsui77 and is now fully English translated as version 1.0.

Now I don't know too much about this game as I've only heard about it recently, but from what I can tell, the core gameplay is your typical top down scrolling shoot em up, that features waves of enemies, power ups and big bosses. But when it comes to the BS version it has a TON of fanservice content and features, that were very difficult to understand in it's original Japanese form. Thankfully this updated release has all Japanese text translated into English, while maintaining all of the art and sound assets from the original. In addition, the ROM now functions properly as an independent SNES ROM, without needing to worry about the BS-X BIOS or emulator compatibility! 

(Old Video)

So what are you waiting for? If you've got a SNES+Everdrive or a SNES emulator, give this game a go and blast your way through a fully translated English shoot 'em up!

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