Castaway - Reidrac's latest ZX Spectrum 48K game!

I knew we wouldn't have to wait too long for the next ZX Spectrum game and sure enough from the creator of Escape from Colony 8, Space Pest Control, The Legend of Traxtor and The Return of Traxtor comes a brand new ZX Spectrum 48K title for the ZX Dev 2015 called Castaway, developed by Reidrac. This is a platformer made in C and ASM, using Z88DK cross-compiler and the SP1 library!

In this bright and colourful release from Reidrac you play as a spaceman that has crashed his spaceship, and after meeting up with the local Doctor, you'll need to forfill his task to reclaim the base and he will repair your ship. Along the way you'll need to collect keys to move further through the levels, but watch out for the strange enemies and zapping traps as your life force will drop very quickly - If only you had a gun to fight back!

This is a great game to play for the ZX Spectrum, even though my play time was short you could tell the developer has put the effort in to making this an enjoyable game for all to play. Not just the colours and bright details stood out, but the level layouts were easy to master, and the enemies fun to fight. If you've got a ZX Spectrum or an emulator, you should really give this game a go.

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