Eye of the Beholder 4 - Fan sequel to an incredible Dungeon Crawler (WIP)!

I was just about to finish for the day with so much writing already done, when an eye opening picture appeared in our Dungeon Crawlers Facebook group. That picture showed the words ' Eye of the Beholder 4 ', and according to the site where it came from. Eye of the Beholder 4 is the next episode of the classic masterpiece series by a fan based developer, taking place 100 years after the Assault of the Myth Drannor and 300 years after the death of Xanathar the great beholder!

As you can probably tell after all the previous articles I've done over the Eye of the Beholder games, I'm just a little bit excited. Both EOTB 1 and 2 were one of the greatest rpg's ever made, and it was also developed by one of the greatest developers : Westwood Associates later known as Westwood Studios, released in the early 90's and published by the great Strategic Simulations, Inc. However apart from Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2, of which I'm currently playing through again right now, many were disappointed with Eye of the Beholder 3 as not only was it not by the same people, but it was more action oriented.

This sequel however looks to take all the best bits of Eye of the Beholder and make a number of graphical improvements across the board. In fact, many new tilesets have been shown from marble walls, to spider banners and sharp teethed doors. But the biggest change of all, is the UI, with two characters at the bottom, a compass, spell runes and overall window placement.

So it certainly looks impressive from my stand point, but there is a big concern over this Eye of the Beholder 4 sequel and it was also brought up in our very own Facebook group by Stig, and that was this; " Unless the people making this have secured the legal rights to use the Forgotten Realms setting, this project will be very very short lived ". So from this moment on, we are unsure if this game will ever see the light of day, especially as they may at some point be looking for Indiegogo funding. So keep your fingers crossed!

Further details you can follow the developments HERE, visit the WEBSITE or our Dungeon Crawlers Facebook group.

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  1. sarebbe bellissimo un sequel di eob , ho ricordi meravigliosi


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