Dark Castle - A rather creepy ZX Spectrum game has been released!

Are you ready for the creepiest ZX Spectrum game this year so far? Well you should be! As a brand new scary ZX Spectrum game has appeared by kas29 and team, called ' Dark Castle '. In Dark Castle, you play as Bob, an ordinary country boy, bored out of his mind from the constant tediousness of working on a farm. While out exploring to escape this boredom he comes across an old abandoned castle, but this is no ordinary abandoned castle as some say it is enchanted while others say it is haunted. But whatever is going on, this is just perfect for Bob to get away from it all, and bring some enjoyment back into his life.

Right from the word go you just know you're going to be in for a treat with ' Dark Castle ', as the music and start screen sets the stage for something rather haunting. Pretty much as soon as you begin the game with farmer BOB, you are standing in a very dark room with just a few lit candles to guide your way. Thankfully there is some proper light at hand via a torch, which when used enables you to see the entire room. Just be aware if you're too slow to take it all in, the game goes back into darkness and you'll have to guess the right way to the exit. Oh and apart from the time limit, watch out for the ghost, he's no Casper!

All in all this is a lovely little game with some good music that doesn't just play at the start screen but even in game, which I don't see very often with inclusive sound effects. The gameplay is overall a challenge and really makes you remember the layout and how to reach each exit to complete the level. The only down side is the frustration between each long jump, as with most games of this type, precision platform jumping can be real annoying!

So there you have it, if you want to play this game and many others you can either visit the website (Russian) or download Dark Castle directly from -> HERE

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