Pickle's Pod Patrol [16kb Cartridge] - Rescue all the Podlets in this upbeat C64 release

This RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition is almost overwhelming us, as there's just so many C64 games it's just mind blowing. Especially as another game to grace our gaming screens, is Uppercase Software's C64 game ' Pickle's Pod Patrol [16KB Cartridge '. The aim of the game in this one? To rescue all the podlets on each level by pushing them towards home!

You control what looks to be an angry frog and must hop around the level, avoiding enemies by jumping over them or spitting at them and finally reaching the podlet which must be pushed. Sadly I found this game the less enjoyable of the ones I played so far, as even though the game doesn't look too bad graphically, I didn't enjoy the character control!

If I jumped from slightly too high I'd die, or I couldn't move my character until he's finished hoping in one direction and I couldn't spit in mid hop either. Furthermore at one point when I restarted the game after dying, my character just kept on hopping all over the place and I had to completely restart the C64.

Overall in my opinion it needs more development time, but at least the music by Saul Cross is rather upbeat!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Trainer

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