Bubble Frenzy - Pop the bubbles in this fun little ZX Spectrum homebrew

There's just no stopping Gabriele Amore, as after only just releasing the rather enjoyable Arcade to ZX Spectrum conversion port of ' Popeye ', he has now gone and released ' Bubble Frenzy ', which again is for the ZX Spectrum. Unlike the previous game which was far more feature packed, this one has no music, no loading, and is just the game. Although don't let that put you off, as it is still enjoyable to play as you try to pop the bubbles after the bubble factory has gone mad!

So what exactly do you have to do in this Platforming Puzzler? It's pretty simple to understand really, all you need to do is to get each eye ball bubble to the spikes at the bottom, and they pop and it's a level complete. The only problem is, you've got to make a hole on each platform for the bubbles to fall through, and the only way you can reach each platform is via the blue shafts. Oh and touching a bubble is an instant loss of life and there is a time limit. ( If only I had the time to play more! )

Older Version

As I said above it's not the most feature packed game, as it could've done with an awesome tune playing throughout, but the game was again enjoyable to play. However I did find the sensitivity abit high when making holes as I thought I pressed it once, but I ended up making two and I fell through to my death. Overall, a nice game for a weekend play through, but I am really impressed by Gabriele's willingness to try something different with all the games he releases.

OP left-right
m dig
1 skip screen

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