C64 Isometric 3D Action-adventure Nightshade, Revamped By Nostalgia!

New intro

Following on from their previous classics such as Knight Lore, and Alien 8, Ultimate Play The Game introduced Nightshade utilising their new & improved "Filmation II" engine. Released in 1985 and available for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro, MSX, and Commodore 64. Demo group Nostalgia has seen fit to enhance Nightshade to make it a more enjoyable experience. Now it sports a fancy intro complete with music to blow the cobwebs out of your SID, a loading screen, bug fixes, a trainer, and savable hi-scores!

Loading screen
The premise of the game, is you are a knight tasked with the clean-up operation of the village Nightshade which has become infected with the plague, and has caused several nasty monsters to roam freely about the place. The plague has been created by four foul demons, and it's your job to destroy them, and return Nightshade to it's former glory.

Quick, RUN!
The game-play is quite challenging, with certain monsters homing in on you, so you'll have to be constantly on the move. Certain monsters can only be killed by certain weapons that you'll need to find and collect. If you use the wrong weapon on the wrong monster then either (best case) it has no effect or (worst case) it could mutate into two monsters, yes woe is you!. Furthermore, the weapons you collect go into a stack in the order you collect them, thus adding to the complexity of firing the right weapon for the job. Getting hit by the monsters infects you with the plague and makes you more ill each time until you bite the bullet, this is indicated by turning you from white (full health), to yellow, then green, then 6ft under.

The graphics are very spectrumy (yes, that's a real technical term), and could have been more colourful I thought, but I guess they couldn't squeeze it in as the scrolling is sometimes a bit choppy as it is. The sfx is very basic, with simple explosions and such, I'm positive I could hear the SID chip snoring on several occasions.

Sanity saver options
When five lives isn't quite enough however, fire up the trainer and tailor the game to suit your playing style. The create weapon feature is very handy. You'll be very thankful for the trainer that's for sure. With the speed of a cat and the reflexes of a mongoose, you might even make it to the hi-score table!

Table of epic prestige

So what do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments below :)

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