Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Strip +5DGH - Hokuto Force's latest C64 release

Mainly because Gobots were cheaper than Transformers, I collected the Gobot toys. I really liked the cartoons too. And because the toys were smaller than transformers, the battle scenes a child could recreate were more epic in scale. I never played the game though, but thanks to Hokuto Force, I can relive my childhood in video game form thanks to another awesome Commodore 64 release.

The presentation of this game was the first thing that struck me. There's a lovely interactive graphical story bundled with the game, which you should load up from the disk separately from the game, as it will help you work out what you need to do. Further help is provided in the docs added by Hokuto Force in this version.

The story is wonderfully crazy stuff... The evil gobots have captured some friendly gobots and human friends on a strange green planet with two-surfaces somewhere near Saturn. And only Leader-1 can stop them, by launching cloned Scooter gobots as missiles into the numerous spherical bases dotted around the planet's surfaces (yes, it has two). This is a fast scrolling twitch shooter, a defender clone, but with a little more depth. As you can transform from your jet fighter form, to a walking robot, by moving close to the upper or lower surfaces. And as some enemies can't be destroyed by normal fighter fire, you'll need to drill rocks from the surface and throw them at enemies. The game is fast, smooth scrolling and really really hard. 

I found the game much more playable by turning off ground collisions, as the enemies won't give you much room to breath, crashing into the ground will happen often. You're constantly dragged to either the upper surface or lower surface depending on how far up the screen you are. Killing the enemies doesn't seem to stop them for long either, as they'll be back in no time to try to hamper your progress. If you like hard as nails twitch shooters, this game will keep you coming back. If not, the frustration of dying constantly might turn you off. But the wonderful presentation, cracking title music, and interesting story book bundle mean this is another fine Hokuto Force release you shouldn't overlook.

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