NRG: Complete Playthrough - Wild Streets [Amstrad GX4000]

Ever since the popular Kung-Fu Master, 2D beat 'em ups reached a pinnacle in the late 80's/early 90's with many falling into the 'mediocre' category. Wild Streets is one such title. Brought to us by Titus Software 1990, James Taylor's goon-bashing exploits reached several systems including the Amiga, ST and C64. Surprisingly, it also got a release on the Amstrad GX4000. One of the 15 games ported from the CPC version,

Wild Streets could be a contender for 'worst game on the GX4000', with it's hollow gameplay, lack of scope and chunky visuals. It does have a nice soundtrack however. Here I give a demonstration of how you can beat the game in under 9 minutes, whilst passing a critique of this rather lackluster game.

Article by @Novabug

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