The Atari ST and the Creative People: Anthology - An awesome Atari ST Kickstarter Campaign

While the crowdfunding platforms are being flooded with projects for retrocomputing greats such as the C64, Spectrum and Amiga, the scene has been a little light on products for the Humble Atari ST. Seemingly unloved by people targeting the frothing hoards of Amiga fans the ST has been getting a short shrift of memorabilia to drop your wad on. Well Marco A. Breddin wants to change that with the kickstarter campaign to launch not one but a three book anthology just for the ST and its demoscene.

This Kickstarter campaign is for the first book of the 3: Rise of the Demoscene 1986-1990, with Doom of the Demoscene and Return of the Demoscene books to follow on later. Rise of Demoscene will be a visual guide to the early days of the ST's explosive demoscene, charting the influence of groups such as The Exceptions, Level 16, TNT, Sync, Omega, Overlanders, Delta Force, The Carebears and Lost Boys. All of whom will need no introduction to ST owners back in the day.

As well as demonstrating the demos, Rise of the Demoscene will also chronicle the emergence and success of game developers Thalion from the scene

This anthology promises to feature all of the usual hallmarks of retro computing book crowd funding hallmarks: high quality printing, top tier binding, and a wealth of stretch goals and add on options.

Go check out the campaign on kickstarter, if you're a die hard ST fan (or even a turncoat Amiga head :P ) this isn't one to miss.

Links: 1) Campaign on Kickstarter 2) Website

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