Football Fever - Footy bonanza on the Amiga CD32 from Amiga Jay!

I'll be straight with you right now, I can't stand football, I never liked it as a kid and I don't like watching it as an adult, even if it is currently Euro 2016. However there were some retro games that I did enjoy playing during my much younger years, and those were Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2! They were no Fifa's, but playing them on the Amiga was so much fun and just perfect for ball kicking against a friend, without the thuggish behavior of a day out at the local stadium. Today's news though doesn't just give you Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2, but many other football games which have all been put together on a rather entertaining Amiga CD32 release; ' Football Fever ' by Amiga Jay and team!

If you are a Footy fan or just like playing the odd kick about on your Amiga, especially the CD32. Then this is the release for you! It has Sensible Soccer, Kick Off 2, Empire Soccer 94, Goal!, Total Football, Sierra Soccer, Manchester United Europe, Wembley International Soccer (Includes & Requires CD Audio Track, burn with .Cue file), Fifa International Soccer, Manchester United Premier League Champions and Football Glory!

Phew what a load of games to play, all downloadable below or via the main website!

Links : 1) Source & Credits 2) Download 3) Discussion

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