Pietro Brothers - A New ZX Spectrum Game Demo!

So there's these plumbers... these Italian plumbers, who are brothers, and they live in some sort of platform game world in which they are pestered by horribly mutated crabs and tortoises... Not sure that will ever catch on, but it hasn't stopped C M Gonzalez from starting work on a game based around the Pietro Brothers. The game was teased on the World of Spectrum forums earlier today, where the creator said he would try to finish the game, but needs someone to help out with the sound - so if any AY musicians are reading and want to get involved, follow the link below.

So far all that has been released to the public is a single demo screen - but it's a very nice looking demo screen! What we can see is Pietro and, um, Green Pietro running around, junping to headbutt overhead goodies, and skidding to a halt in a way reminiscent of absolutely no game ever. Pietro Bros is being developed with witchcraft - no, sorry, apparently it's the Nirvana graphics engine that allows the multi-coloured sprites to exist on a standard Spectrum.

There's not much to Pietro Bros as it stands, but it's worth a look to see the potential of the game, and what the humble Speccy is capable of - and if the author gets enough encouragement, we may even get to see the game in full some day...

Links: World of Spectrum discussion

by Steve Trower

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