Uwol Quest For Money - The Mojon Twins ZX Spectrum homebrew coming to the MSX2!

In 2009 The Mojon Twins with publishing rights by Ubhres Productions released the homebrew platformer of ' Uwol, Quest For Money ' for the ZX Spectrum with a much higher quality port for the Sega Genesis. It involved a character called Uwol on a quest for more money, in a rather large place called the Storm Palace, hence the game name ' Uwol, Quest For Money '. That same game has once again resurfaced but this time as a port by Imanok for the MSX2, which will be released next Saturday at the Barcelona's #49 MSX RU and distributed by the AAMSX.

So what do you do in this game exactly? Well it's a rather strange one but it will all make sense in the end. Basically in each room you need to collect all the coins in the allotted time, avoid the enemies dotted about and then move on to the next. What makes this game rather unique, is each room you move to is via the directional arrows in the game, and when you reach the very bottom of the palace, you have to have a certain amount of coins collected to win. If you haven't you start again at the top and must move towards a different direction to gather the missed coins. If that still doesn't make sense, it's probably best to watch the video below from the Sega Genesis/Megadrive release!

Graphically, musically and sound wise the game looks every bit as good as the Sega Genesis version, just in lovely MSX2 detail. Currently we don't know if it will be free or have a price, but you can read more about the game via the sites below.

Links : 1) Source 2) Main Website

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