New AMIGA 1200 Cases - Exclusive new look at the latest Amiga case design process and key cap announcement!

Oh what a time to be an Amiga owner, as we now have an exclusive look at the A1200 Amiga Case Prototype, that may well be the finished design for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting their very own NEW Amiga case! After a very successful Kickstarter campaign by A1200 NET (Philippe Lang) and with the help of a number of sponsors such as Scoopex, this is the first time in almost 25 years that Amiga cases are being manufactured again! So no longer will you have to retrobright turning a once yellow Amiga into a white one with a lot of effort, as you'll never need to do that again once the A1200 Amiga case is in your hands! In light of this news, we have an exclusive look at the design process, with not just photography, but a description as well - in two parts!

From the latest 3D model an operator is using a special machine to carve up both the case top & bottom shell with parts from a material using a CNC cutting tool. After CNC machining is complete the worker will then use a hand tool to fine tune the prototype because the surface of the prototype may be crude after the CNC machine has done its bit.

Then each parts is processed manually to adjust fittings and down to precise measurements provided by the 3D model. Adjusting continues until each of the pieces are within technical specifications, as the CNC machine isn't to perfection, so reworks may be needed.

Below we see a close view of the pcmcia opening. CF card slot recess has been marked with a black pen as the recess was not clearly visible on the photo but it is here. According to the manufacturer, this was cut using a hand tool just like the CF card slot on the top of on PCMCIA hole of the Amiga prototype, as this feature is in the inert side of the wall, and is blocked and cannot be machined in the CNC machine!

But no worries for us, as users will be able to "open" the recess nicely to ease installation of Kipper2K External CF Adaptor. Other bits of interest is just aside the pcmcia opening is one of the additional screw bosses, which is visible.The new Amiga case does not have clips, to avoid breaking!

Putting the manufacture stage aside, let's now take a look at the optimised airflow trapdoor including the underside of the case and rear. As you can see, apart from the airflow trapdoor which is great for hot accelerators, there are also, 5 new screw bosses (Two on each side plus 3 alongside rear case -top right / middle / top left-) and a VGA Shaped RF modulator opening!

Closer view of trapdoor with vents.

Barely visible stands one of the low profile MiST board screw bosses

Inside the case however, there are mounting positions and screw bosses for the HxC Mainboard, as well as an LCD Panel. According to Philippe, "guidelines are visible to HxC mainboard SD card opening, as well as soon to come Kipper 2K HxC button extender". But do note, that any openings such as the SD Card and HxC buttons will not be opened on case delivery, to make for a perfect and smooth original look ( You can open them yourself ).

Other notes of importance include all new case screw bosses which are visible on this photo. These have been added to avoid the use of plastic clips that would most probably break after many case open/closes that users usually do over the course of time. Other top case shell specs are 100% match replica or original commodore top case shells.

As a prototype test by the manufacture, three pieces of hardware were fitted, an Amiga LED board, a HxC board and an HxC LCD panel board. Which as you can see, fits perfectly!

Moving on again, now it's time to look at the bottom shell of the Amiga A1200 case. Visible are Keyrah V2 mounts, Raspberry Pi mounts and MiST board mounts (the last mount for this board is located on bottom trapdoor). Also visible are the 8 case screw bosses & no plastic clips On the right side of case are visible 2x recess for IC RapidRoad easy installation (2x USB opening + mounting)

Lastly lets take a look at the closed case pictures, which again are shown below. Ignore the yellowed keyboard, that was just used as a test for an original Amiga, which almost looks like mine! Case badge holder has been made slightly deeper to support common badges found on ebay
(like those: ) as well as supporting A1200.NET own case badges!

On the left side of the case there is a PCMCIA port as well as the CF card opening, which as can be seen in the photo below. Please be aware that the CF card opening is available as a recess and has not been opened, hence totally invisible from the outside.

Just like the photo's above, now we see a better look at the rear of the new Amiga A1200 case, with a better view of the RF modulator shaped to support a VGA output. This again comes with a lovely slick new rear design!

Top view ( New badge hint! )

As for the rear trapdoors and closures, these photo's show a closer view of the rear trapdoors (Plain/VGA/DVI) as well as a Floppy button (Note on Floppy button - They'll manufacture other types of floppy buttons later on and firsthand backers will be able to get them as well)

And here we come to the end of part 1 of the finished prototype, and wow does it look amazing! Surely you'd agree with me, with a case looking like this and with all the design process put into it, via above, you'd be happy to replace an original with this latest Kickstarter project by the A1200 Net team and of course the Manufacturer. But don't forget as we said in our other articles, it wont just be a white Amiga A1200 case, but people have pledged for special ones, with signatures, goodies and complete colour changes, such as blue, black and even gold! I cannot wait for mine, and when it does arrive, expect a full build review :)

PART 2 :

Not long after the first part article was done, A1200 NET contacted us to let us know that part 2 of the prototype design phase with inclusive new pictures was ready for publishing. At the time I thought the above photo's were going to be the finished product, but how wrong I was! So here we are again with another load of pictures, but looking even better than before.

To begin with, showing off in lovely clear colours and design is the new case badge holder, with correct spacing and the new badge Amiga1200 logo, something that wasn't shown in the earlier photo's!

Turning our heads to the other side of the Amiga, here we see a major part of the front of the Amiga 1200 and that new case AMIGA logo, as well as the hard drive, floppy drive and power led. Which in my experience is very handy knowing if you're CF is being accessed properly or your Amiga has just crashed! ( Looking at you Amiga 600 )

Further up the article we showed you the first prototype of the PCMCIA port, as well as the CF card opening. As I said before, according to the creator, the CF card slot is not available as a recess and has not been opened, so invisible from the outside. This photo below, shows a much nicer look, and no you can't notice that CF card slot ;)

So what about the underneath? Well if you've ever had a rather hot accelerator, one of the covers that gets in the way and heats those beasts up is the trapdoor underneath your Amiga. Most people either remove it - keep it open, or use a drill tool and make their own holes. Thankfully with this latest prototype, it has large vented holes, so bad DIY jobs are no longer needed.

Turning the new Amiga 1200 case to its rear, you can probably notice the trapdoor at the back which has a closed trapdoor installed. But if you are concerned about removal don't be, as supplied with your delivery will be two other trap doors, a VGA and a DVI opening, both easily install-able!

Next up and an internal look, is a close view of the LED board mounted. Here we can see on this image is one of the case closing screw towers with included brass insert for screws

For those of you who have an HxC or are considering buying one, that has been thought of too. As here is a close view of the HxC board mounts, with inclusive display guide for the HxC SD Card slot. Do note however that this is still a prototype, so it may well look much better in the final design.

Don't take too much notice of the unfinished photo below, but again this is a prototype design phase for the location of the Kipper2k HxC button expansion board. A1200 NET has said the board will be available through Kipper2K

Close view of the screw brass insert!

So what does it look like with the original Amiga hardware installed in the new A1200 case prototype? Like this one below, although do excuse the colours of the keys, they'll probably need a good retro bright or a new key kickstarter ;)

Again we go back inside the case and this time it's the HxC LCD board mount location that is on show. Unlike the other compartments that are easily removed this one may take a little bit more work, as according to A1200 NET, the LCD Screen is to be opened by the user with the help of a sharp tool. Thankfully a design guide is available in the case to help you make a clean cut through the thin plastic area.

As we said before "PROTOTYPE", and here is the bottom shell view, with right side marked for CF recess, which can be opened for easy installation of the Kipper2k CF ext.adapater. Again ignore the uncoloured look of the case as yours will never look like that, most will come pristine white or black or some other fine colour of choice.

Zooming in through the inside, here is another view of the trapdoor, as well as the installed plain trapdoor ( VGA/HDMI available ), also visible are mounting points for the Raspberry PI and mounting points for a MiST board. So yes, there's a lot you can install in this case without the destructive design process used by people who are un-experienced in design work.

Close view of the 3 different rear trapdoors mentioned above. 1) DVI 2) VGA 3) Plain

Close view of the floppy button and spacers (for Keyrah V2, Raspberry Pi & MiST installation)

Now those are out the way, let's take a ganders at the hardware installations inside the actual Amiga. As so far we've shown you where they are supposed to be connected, but not what it looks like, when they are attached. From number 1 to number 4, 1) Raspberry Pi 2) Raspberry Pi & Keyrah V2 3) Keyrah V2 4) HxC mainboard and HxC LCD installed at their respective locations.





So what does it all look like, finished and complete as an early design prototype unlike in the very first part I did? Well bloody nice in fact, as even though there's still some smoothing out to be done, I think you'll agree with me that the end result is going to be a god send to many Amiga 1200 owners. Also as a major fact, they have green-lighted the prototype and manufacturing process of all the molds to start next week!  When the Molds are done, they'll start to manufacture the new A1200 cases. Shipment process to send cases toward backers is done alongside case production simultaneously!

- Molds (3x) will take approximately 5 to 6 weeks to be completed.

And that's nearly the last bit of our biggest exclusive feature ever and one I was proud to do, even if it did take bloody hours! But in the end all this will be worth it, especially as just moments ago, A1200 NET have told us, of a new Kickstarter that will make the Amiga line up complete, in all its pristine coloured glory.

On the 1st of September, a new Kickstarter campaign will launch for new Amiga key caps! Finally every Amiga owner will not have to paint,respray,retro bright or buy an expensive CDTV keyboard to replace theirs, as a full set of key caps will go into production, consisting of 101 keys with springs and 12x plastic complementary plastic holders included!

But that's not all because there's a lot more to get excited about, as the full set will be compatible with ALL Amiga models having Mitsumi switches only (Except Amiga 1000), multiple keyboard layouts available, and multiple colours available including: Amiga original dual colour, Black CDTV (with white lettering), plus all other colours are matching colours to the New Amiga 1200 cases & Special Editions

Other notes of interest :
- Campaign is ready and all technical aspects have been reviewed and validated their partners.
- Campaign to be launched AFTER the New Amiga 1200 cases manufacturing process has started only and not before!
- New keyboards in production, for all line of computers except A1000, 

- The new keyboards will of course be compatible with the new key caps as well as original one

What an amazing time to be an Amiga owner, and all of this would not have been possible without A1200 NET and YOU the Kickstarter backer. For further information make sure to visit the Kickstarter and Facebook pages below!

Links : 1) Kickstarter 2) Facebook

Well done to Stefan Egger from our Commodore Amiga Facebook group for guessing part of the exclusive!  "I can tell you: the Amiga keycaps are coming after the case. So.that was the news "

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