Pico-Sprint - Arcade Pico-8 racer gets a Super Sprint tribute

Way back in 1986 I was to play a top down arcade racing game that had its very own steering wheel, and drained my cash from my pocket. That game was Super Sprint by Atari Games, a game which had multiple system ports and featured 4 player racing which pushed you to frustration as you tried to come first place against the AI in every race! It featured multiple track types and cool sounds which made it a whole ton of fun and addictive as hell. It is that game which is being mentioned today, because at the end of last year Reload released Pico-Sprint which is a tribute to Super Sprint but on the Pico-8

Just as in the original Super Sprint, Pico-Sprint features up to 4 player arcade racing against other players on the track. You will be making a mad squealing dash to come first, but watch out for the oil as it will make you slide, and the water will slow you down! It's just a shame the game doesn't have any music, and the engine sound effects are a non stop loop, but if you can put up with that, you'll enjoy whizzing around 16 tracks on your Pico-8 or through your browser.

- If you like games like this, it might be worth your time checking out the F-1 Spirit Remake, which is another top down racing game that's a ton of fun

Links : 1) Source 2) F-1 Spirit Remake

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