Ghost Chaser +5D - Harry and the Haunted House (C64) reviewed by HayesMaker

Digital historians Hokuto Force have been busy again. Firstly this crack of Artworx and US Gold's 1984 Ghost Busters cash in: Ghost Chaser. And also a release of Andrea Rosa's mid 1990s interpretation of a Risk style global domination board game: 'World Conquest'. Which was only released recently when the author rediscovered his source code. Hopefully we'll post a review of that shortly. Meanwhile poor Harry the Ghost Chaser, he's so brave he decides dives head first into the upstairs window of the first haunted house he finds only to spend most of his time getting chased by ghosts!

The game is an arcade platformer. The aim is to explore Fairport Manor, which is full of traps, locked doors, hidden passages, ghosts, and a plethora of other nasty enemies determined to stop you. The game plays nicely, as each room is designed like a puzzle which you must solve to find the keys necessary to progress deeper. Jumping and shooting the phantoms can be fiddly, not all the ghosts can be shot by your weapon. But the game introduced some unique features for its time. For example you can duck and hang onto over head railings, pull yourself across deadly drops and even pull your legs up while hanging to avoid enemies.

Animation and sound are fairly average for the time. However there's a charming game underneath.  And the level layouts are detailed and designed nicely.  With some skill and practice or some help from the added trainers, you might be able to make it to the treasure room and lock those ghouls away for good!

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