Lawless Legends - RPG proof of concept dungeon crawler for the C64

Only just last month there was our big announcement for what we believed to be the eagerly awaited dungeon crawler Lawless Legends, which later turned out to be Ancient Legends as a mini teaser for the big Apple II game. Yet fast forward to today and Genesis Project has made available a C64 game preview; a 2D proof of concept demo of the remains of the C64 version for Lawless Legends, which the homebrew developers originally had planned all those months ago

So while we are still waiting for that big Apple II version, I did have the chance to have a quick go of Genesis Project's Lawless Legends C64 preview release and to be honest there's not much to talk about. The game is in an extremely early stage of coding, you could almost class it as a pre-alpha, as although you can walk around the 2D top down map, you can't do much else (There are bits of text to read ). It's just a shame the Apple II version isn't being developed beside a C64 one as can be seen above, the C64 can put out decent enough 2D land based graphics!

Original Game Team

Produced & Directed by Seth Sternberger of 8 Bit Weapon Coding - Martin Haye, Brendan Robert, and Dave Schmenk Font Code - Andrew Hogan Graphics - Seth Sternberger Scenario - Seth Sternberger Playtesting & Quality Assurance - Andrew Schultz

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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