BEEB TRACKER VOLUME 1 - 26 Battle of the Bits VGM music files, ported to the BBC Micro!

Checking our twitter feeds today we recently had a heads up from our good friend @VizionGamer of a new release on the BBC Micro which features a rather unique list of tunes. Released by Bitshifters and called the 'BEEB TRACKER VOLUME 1' you'll be able to experience the 26 ‘Battle of the Bits’ VGM music files, that have been ported over to the BBC Micro system. In fact although these music files are short, some of them sound absolutely fantastic.

As noted by the website :

VGM is a format that captures sound chip music generated by older hardware. It is a stream of raw data that is written to the sound chips registers. The BBC Micro and other machines contain an SN76489 programmable sound generator, and this demo plays back music sequences recorded on other systems or produced using chip tune trackers such as Deflemask. All of the VGM files were ported to BBC Micro using a conversion script that transposes VGM files captured on an NTSC SN76489 to be frequency compatible with a 4Mhz BBC Micro SN76489.

Since VGM is a verbose format, the VGM files in the demos were exported from the same script in a compact raw binary format, and then compressed using Exomiser to enable them to be loaded into the limited RAM of a BBC Micro.

Also you'll be pleased to know you can listen to all of these music files via your browser as the BBC Micro is emulated. Although you can download the file for a real BBC Micro.

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