WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 7 - The latest Amiga emulator beta with more fixes

Indie Retro News is back from its weekend break and yesterday Toni Wilen released the latest Amiga emulator beta version for WinUAE as ' WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 7. Now during each version we also check out the discussion forums to see if the latest beta is stable enough to be upgraded to. Yet it seems beta 6 was a little on the buggy side and now on to beta 7, Toni has used his skills and fixed as many of those reported bugs as possible. On the down side however some reported GUI related issues are not yet fixed.

- CD32 FMV ROM image was not loaded correctly from pre-3.4 config files.
- CD32 first CD audio track play attempt from the beginning was confused with TOC subchannel read.
- Z2/Z3 autoconfig data first byte's upper 5 bits was not editable. Only low 3 size bits should be forced (board size).
- Implemented non-autoconfig RAM board definition support. Added DKB Insider I/II.
- CD emulation didn't automatically load TOC when accessing the CD for the first time and program didn't request TOC previously. (Fixes Buddha ATAPI device not reading CD in non-image mode)
- Added manual (non-autoconfig) GUI memory board support. Any Z2 or Z3 board can be configured as manually mapped.
- Pre-KS1.2 boot support works again. Now expansion tree is build before emulation starts but pre-KS1.2 boot support obviously needs to know KS version before emulation starts but KS won't be loaded until emulation starts..
- Fixed harmless "SCSI command xx, no direction specified!" messages when attempting to play audio CD using hardware SCSI/ATAPI emulation.
- Fixed unstable Portaudio audio in vsync modes.
- Tecmar T-Card RAM works again. First Z2 RAM is emulated as Tecmar autoconfig RAM board.
- Shortcuts with SHIFT work again in optimized builds. It was buffer overflow (reading past end of buffer) very deep in input handling.
- Both SCRAM 500/2000 SCSI board variants emulated (DP8490V = 53C80 and NCR53C94).
- More ESP/NCR5394/FAS216 updates, FIFO in PIO mode only can contain max 1 byte. (SCRAM NCR53C94 fix)
- Otronic Filecard 2000/OSSI 500 emulation. (Official ROM is MIA, Aminet replacement rom works but it needs to be merged first)
- Automatically loaded default.uae with unplugged input device: set it to none, not layout A.
- Include CD/FMV audio caused infinite loop when playing CD audio.
- Disable ROM panel UAE MapROM option if accelerator board emulation is enabled. They are incompatible.
- Accelerator boards that required ROM but nothing was selected: crashed during expansion tree building.
- DD-only drive + turbo floppy mode + standard ADF HD floppy image: valid MFM was returned.
- Ignore all write attempts if standard ADF HD image in DD-only flpppy drive.

Links : 1) 32bit 2) 64bit

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