ZX Vega+ Official update and release date announced!

The ZX Vega + Ooh, shiny!

It's finally here! Well, nearly! After weeks of confusion and worry for some people, Retro Computers have decided they've teased long enough and have announced the release date for the Vega+! What is that date, you ask? Well, anyone who has pledged to the campaign can expect their Vega+ to be winging it's way to them from the 20th October!

The so-called 'Bar of soap' model. Let's hope the Vega+ scrubs up well.

Things were quiet for a while and then we had the release of the 'bar of soap' model photo as shown above (along with others - but I've just chosen this one!). This showed the scale of the device and to show that Rick Dickinson's original design had been kept to after a few concerns were raised about the design.

Then we had an official update on the Indiegogo page for the campaign, and we were given an insight into the machine itself. When I say insight, I mean actually inside the Vega+ itself, as we see below (beware of nakedness - definitely NSFW.) The dirty rotters.

Put some clothes on, you naughty Vega+!
But the latest update is the one we've all been waiting for. On top of the release date, we had the release of a video showing the Vega+ (minus it's housing) in full use. Some screenshots of the video you'll find below, but you can also watch the full video here: Vega+ official video

For those who have not backed the Vega+ - despair not! There is still time to pledge! Simply follow this link Official Vega+ Indiegogo page . If pledging is not for you, or if indeed you'd rather drop a hint to a loved one for a possible present *cough cough, Retro Computers have also announced that the Vega+ will be available for general release in time for Christmas. Get those hints in, now!

Ooh, excited much? Yes! We are too!
In brief, the specs look like this;
Fully compatible with all ZX Spectrum software - 16K/48K/128K +2/+3,
SD Card slot to add your own games.
Option to save and reload game save via SD Card,
Access to BASIC mode,
Ability to connect to TV,
3.5mm headphone jack,
Add POKEs to games via the SD card,
Ability to connect an external keyboard - particularly handy for adventure games.

Full details of the final specs can be found here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-sinclair-zx-spectrum-vega-plus-console-games#/updates

Please stop the teasing!
As you can see from these pictures, it looks as though this is going to be something to cherish once you get your hands on one. The screen looks pretty stunning and I've been assured that the final product will look as good as the final version you can see at the top of this article. These are indeed very exciting times. It seems that the Vega+ has everything that you need to satisfy your Speccy cravings in one compact, slick box. Playability on the move, peripheral compatible (being able to plug in a keyboard will satisfy a lot of Speccy fans who may have been disappointed that this option was not available on the original Vega) , plugs into your TV, BASIC mode - this could well be the compact Speccy that everyone needs where all needs are catered for.

My humble opinion? I think it looks fantastic with stunning design and with everything you need thrown in to give you the greatest of portable, and non-portable, Speccy experience, outside of an original. Alas, we still wait to see the finished article but if Retro Computers deliver what they say they will, we're in for a treat.

Article by Paul Davies

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