Ultimate Fighters CD32 SX32 V1.1 - A fighting compilation for the Amiga CD32 gets an update!

Earok has contacted me again regarding his previous last great Amiga CD32 unofficial compilation, as a soft-retirement due to him moving over to commercial Amiga game development and overhauls; 'The Ultimate Fighters [CD32] [SX32] unofficial Amiga CD32 compilation pack'. This is, in his words, the largest themed collection the site has ever produced, 40 fighting games across numerous different styles. Although we have mentioned this pack before, it has now been updated to a 1.1 Workbench version!

As we said in our previous write up, many known fighters are in this game, including those from Teenage Mutant Turtles to Double Dragon and even Dynamite Dux. What's more this packed full of awesomeness has a new menu system written entirely by scratch, which allows you to pick out of 40 fighting games in a Street Fighter 2 style menu (random choice also allowed ).

However unlike the previous 32 version you can now unpack/unzip it to an Amiga 1200 hard drive and play it that way and it doesn't need to be burned. As for the other changes, Art of Breaking Heads has been dropped due to issues getting it to load from disc replaced by WWF Wrestlemania, Shadow Fighter has been changed from the CD32 edition to the AGA one and finally the Ultimate Body Blows soundtrack is included now, reducing download and burn times.

Links : 1) Source 2) CD32 write up

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