Bad news at the Indie Retro News HQ - RAIJINTEK TRITON

You may or may not have noticed the lack of articles yesterday but something terrible has happened. My sealed AIO cooling unit known as the RAIJINTEK TRITON has leaked its innards all over the Msi Gaming 5 motherboard, Asus Zonar soundcard and 980GTX graphics card. Upon closer inspection yesterday after hearing bubbling sounds, a large crack had appeared in the side of the block, forcing liquid out when the pump was working. I completely agree that electronics and water don't mix, but this was supposed to be a sealed all in one unit and was tested for many hours... It took a year to get to this point

The only positive that can be had from this was the colour of the dye showing whereabouts the liquid had got into. It was pouring down the back of the case, underneath the board and even into one of the GPU slots which held my 980 GTX. In actual fact if it wasn't for the soundcard being there, it would've been much worse.

Upon reading many posts on OCUK and personal reviews for this AIO i'd highly recommend people not to touch the RAIJINTEK TRITON cooler. There are lots of people having exactly the same issue with the crack in roughly the same place. It was only for the fact that it was working fine previously I would've taken it out much sooner.

So as of now unless I can get the funds together to repair my computer, Indie Retro News will have to be put aside for the time being and any write ups will only be done when I can visit the family such as today. I have tried to contact the company behind this cooler and so far, not much luck. I never had any electronic problems with my retro computers, the Amiga, Amstrad and C64 still work to this day!

Depressed, gutted and upset are the words I'll be using this week :( - Sorry guys

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