New AMIGA 1200 Cases - The brand new Amiga case is nearly here!

Remember when we did the BIG design process feature for's new Amiga 1200 Cases? You do good! Because we've got more fresh news as they have officially announced the molds assembly is almost done at 95%. Also as an extra bonus they've manufactured a couple of cases to check and adjust the molds. Basically if you've been wondering these last few months what's been happening to your new Amiga case, worry no longer it's nearly here. ( New exclusive images! )

Right from the beginning has tried its best to give you the latest news on what's been happening at the creation side for the new Amiga case. And sure enough these new pictures give you a first hand look at what your Amiga might look like before it's all put together. There's still a little bit longer to go however as after these test cases are produced, they will need to be reworked some more and have a grainy texture material added within the molds. Basically giving the feel of an original Amiga!

Once this is all done according to the project lead, they will run a smaller series of tests to check one more time against expected technical specifications for final case quality. But until that time happens, we also have an exclusive look at some of the changes to the original case including extras, which was mentioned in our previous big write up.

Other notes of importance include all new case screw bosses which are visible in the photo below. These have been added to avoid the use of plastic clips that would most probably break after many case open/closes that users usually do over the course of time.

Below you can also clearly see the accessories that will come with an Amiga case, (Plain/VGA/DVI slots) as well as a Floppy button (Note on Floppy button - They'll manufacture other types of floppy buttons later on and firsthand backers will be able to get them as well)

Once all of the upper points have been complete, mass production will begin in roughly about 7 to 10 days from now. But if you can't wait that long and want to see what an almost finished case looks like, then you might want to look below. PS we would've used the currently circulating images of the complete case design with included keys, but the keys needed a serious case of retrobright and doesn't give a good impression of a nice black/white Amiga.

And there you have it, that's the latest update to the new Amiga 1200 case Kickstarter project. For any further details please head on over to Oh and look forward to the Keycaps campaign which will be launched when case production starts.

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