Charlie Chaplin - Lost and found C64 game previewed features a historic film comedian

Onslaught are on form this week as after releasing a preview of the shoot em up Red Baron 3000, they've now found and released a preview of Charlie Chaplin on the C64 (coming on one disk instead of two, with bug fixes). This was a very unusual game for its time only appearing on the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum. It featured the historic actor, director, editor, composer, screenwriter and producer Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) in his very own black and white masterpieces, that could be reviewed and retaken just like all those years ago.

Although I do remember the Amstrad version and for the fact it wasn't that good, I was surprised to learn recently there was never a C64 commercial release even if it was being developed in the 80's and meant to be released by US Gold. But according to GTW64 after a break through in 2015. Sean Townsend confirmed that he was the sole developer of Charlie Chaplin on the C64.  The graphic artist eventually would be confirmed as Martin Calvert, who eventually recalled the project after a final prod. The game was designed by Gary Bolton and music was composed by Mark Cooksey in a bit of freelance work away from Elite. 

But in regards to the Progress, it was halted when Sean was not being paid properly by Canvas, and so he left and moved to Barcrest.  No-one picked up the project afterwards, and Sean wasn’t sure why the game didn’t get finished off.  So that's probably why the game remained incomplete and that shows in this preview, as it has a rather buggy scene playback. But you can at least move Charlie around, bow your head to the ladies and give the policeman a swift kick up the bum.

The download for the preview is available below, but if you want a full experience, get the Amstrad version.

Links : 1) Source 2) Game Info 3) Download

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