vecZ - A new Vectrex Shoot Em Up and this one looks good!

The 1982-83 vector display-based home video game console was and still is a seriously cool bit of kit. It is a system that not only fetches a high price, but when one appears for sale, it is usually snapped up by drooling gamers desperate to have one in their ever growing collection. So you can probably see why I'm just a little bit excited over La1n's new game ' vecZ ', which is a new Shoot Em Up that is coming to the Vectrex at the gameZfestival on November 5th, that is shown off in this latest trailer.

Looks good doesn't it? Well you're going to have to wait, as the the Rom will be available on the main website for download towards Nov 5th, or purchasable through madtronix ;)

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