Bugs Bunny Private Eye Preview - Hayesmaker takes a look at the latest Onslaught C64 release

It was one of the best stories on the C64 in recent times: Daffy Duck, Hi-Tec software's highly rated Warner Brothers' licence, but never to be released game, was found, on some working disks thought to be lost forever. During the search, however, also discovered, was probably the only copy in existence of the full game of Bugs Bunny - Private Eye. This got a release on "Games that Weren't" website, and the search continued for Daffy Duck. Now rather surprisingly, an early Preview version of Bugs Bunny has surfaced, containing 2 complete levels, sub levels and playing rather differently from the final "release" version. And Onslaught have released a 100% fixed version for everyone with a C64 to enjoy.

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The game is a multi-directional scrolling platformer. Each level is a case for you to investigate. For example catch Yosemite Sam who's robbed the bank. You find him by collecting the two or three items of evidence left throughout the level, then reaching the exit. And it will give you a few chances to catch the thief in the act with a short gun sight style sub-level. If you manage to take the photo quickly, you move onto the next level. If not, it's game over as you're taken off the case for poor performance. The levels have enemies, like birds, rats and funny cartoon faces, which deplete a health bar, and you also have 3 lives to solve the cases. You are also armed with a camera, with limited Flashes.. which allow you to stun enemies temporarily in order to pass them safely.

If you enjoyed the full version of the game, or were drawn to the game from following the interesting background around it, then this is an essential pick up. The levels are quite different, as the areas you used to have to burrow to reach, are openly accessible, by dropping down them and climbing back up the walls. The levels seem to be a bit larger, also. Whilst the game-play probably wouldn't have won any awards had it seen an official release, it's rare to get a chance to play an in development version of a game which changed so significantly to the final version. And as the game was never released in the 1990s, to play both side by side today is quite awesome.

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Review by hayesmaker
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