Brutal Doom 64 - SGtMarkIV's enhanced Doom 64 is ready to kick ass!

For a good while now we've been featuring many of SGtMarkIV's release updates for Brutal Doom, which as we said before many times was pretty much the bloodiest Doom mod we've come across. But today after much drooling SGtMarkIV has finally released ' Brutal Doom 64 ', the next bloody enhanced Doom but this time from the N64 original. It has all new special effects, particles, lightning, gore, sounds, more weapon animations (shotgun reloads, smoother minigun barrels, etc.) and much more to make this a very worthy download indeed.

Full version 1.0 installer packed with Zandronum v3.0 alpha.

1 - Unzip the content.
2 - Place a doom2.wad file in the main folder. It doesn't matters if you got the file from Steam,, whatever, any official version of the doom2.wad file will work. Final Doom iwads (tnt.wad and plutonia.wad) will also work.
3 - Use "bd64 zandronum.exe" to play. You can make a shortcut of it on your desktop.

This installer only works for Windows users. It supports any Windows version.
If you are using Linux or Mac, you need to download a new sourceport, extract all the 3 files from the skins folder, and configure everything manually.

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