Doomsday Lost Echoes - A grand space adventure is now available on the Amstrad CPC

An early morning surprise for Amstrad CPC 128k owners as Doomsday Productions have now released their high grade adventure game programmed using the Professional Adventure Writing System, of ' Doomsday Lost Echoes '. As we said before in our big write up (here), this is a top quality text based adventure game featuring three possible endings, multiple side-quests, tons of pixel art, detailed descriptions and as the developers have said one of the most friendly parsers ever seen in an 8bit computer.

DDLE can be played on a real Amstrad (CPC or Plus) or in an emulator. It requires 128KB of RAM and a floppy drive able to read 720KB discs. Besides this, there are no other compatibility issues. Of course, you can play the game on a real Amstrad using a HxC or any other floppy emulator, this is actually our preferred option. Ideally, you should have two floppy drivers, but this is not strictly necessary.

Links : 1) Source 2) Discussion

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