Wizard and Ultimate Wizard +2GMH - A fun C64 game via Hokuto Force for Halloween

Another C64 game released by Hokuto Force and this one is a double bill called ' Wizard and Ultimate Wizard +2GMH', which was originally released by EA and written by Sean A. Moore and Stephen Leudders in 1984-86. In this jolly platformer, you must guide Wilfrid the Wizard through each hazardous level, gathering items for bonus points and the final key to unlock the keyhole to move on to the next. Oh and if you are lucky enough to get hold of a spell, you could even use it against other enemies, how cool is that?

Of all the games I've played today on the C64 this one is full of charm and is such a joy to play. I love how all the levels are so unique in design with ladders, ropes, traps and enemies and although challenging I just kept on playing and playing, it had me hooked. But the biggest pull for me, wasn't the smooth controls, it was the animation and sound effects.

Seriously, I've not heard so many laughable sounds in a C64 game for some time. Climbing ladders, teleporting from one side to another, falling, or an enemy on screen walking about. Each one will make you chuckle and more so the animation when your little guy hits something painful and bounces down the screen like Homer Simpson falling down a rock face. I just think this game is so cool, and so addictive that I'm now going to finish off this article and go back to it, I need to see what else these levels have to offer.

- Trainer such as Infinite Lives and Bonuses are included in the release -

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