PicoFox - Fly your Arwing in this Pico-8 demake of an iconic SNES game

Day in day out we get the latest updates from around the world of games being released, or are in development. But when it comes to this gem of a Pico-8 game which is also playable in your browser, it is a rather special breed indeed. This is a demake of the classic 1990's SNES game ' Star Fox/Star Wing ', developed by electricgryphon for the Pico-8 and renamed as ' PicoFox '! It  has 3 levels, two enemy types and filled with 3D polygon graphics reminiscent of the SuperFX graphics acceleration coprocessor powered GSU-1.

PicoFox may not be as good as the original Star Fox but wow this is seriously impressive stuff for a Pico-8 game. It really looks the part, plays fantastic and if you remember playing on the SNES, I think you'll agree even the music by PJBarnes.com brings back those nostalgic memories. What a lovely game indeed, I can't wait to see if the entire game ends up as a demake because I for one would be hooked!

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