Retro Games Forever and other great Facebook groups worthy of a visit!

Over the years many Facebook groups have come and gone and some are still going even today much to the delight of the retro gaming community. But it takes more than just a whiff of nostalgia to keep the members coming and staying; it takes lots of gaming updates and posts, people getting along and an Administration worthy of your respect. And so through all this time of being an actual member myself, here are many of the discussion groups I'd highly recommend you join, that's if you are actually on Facebook at all.

1) Commodore Amiga 

A place that is dedicated to both the Amiga hardware and MODS (GOTEK) such as the A500 and A1200, to Amiga games including Deuteros, Lotus and more!

2) Commodore 64/128

Ever used a Commodore 64/128? Do you remember the command LOAD"*",8,1 to boot up a 5.25" floppy disk? If you have an appreciation for this fantastic computer or have questions about it, then this group is for you!

3) Retro for Sale

The best place for buying and selling Retro games, Retro game hardware & Retro game merchandise, great administration and a great community. Also run by Chris Wilkins behind the Story of the ZX Spectrum in pixels, The Story of the Oliver Twins and more!

4) Retro for Show

Welcome to ' Retro for Show '
Do you collect retro console, computers or games? Do you have something in your collection you are really proud of that you want to share with a wider audience? Do you have some rare goodies you want to brag about? Then this is the place to do it

5) Retro Games Forever

Forget the present and future; relive those glorious memories of games, consoles, handhelds, arcades, home computers and more from bygone days! Retro Games Forever covers everything, right up to and including the sixth generation (Google it!). Also discuss homebrew games and remakes. If you want a huge trip down memory lane, this is another place to be! Oh and also a special mention to Paul Jones (Group creator, it wouldn't be where it is now if he had not started the ball rolling)

6) Dizzy : RetroGaming

Dizzy : RetroGaming : Is the best place for all your Dizzy game needs, the greatest egg since the early 1980's! Created by the Oliver Twins for a multitude of systems including the Amstrad, Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum..

7) Dungeon Crawlers : RetroGaming

A fan based page for those who enjoy First Person Dungeon Crawling RPG's, such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore!

8) Spectrum 4Ever

This is for you people who love the awesome ZX Spectrum or if you just want to know what the fuss is all about. They do videos, high score challenge and have some great chats about games or hardware past and present.

9) ZX Spectrum

This is for all lovers of the iconic 1982 Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer from Sinclair Research Limited

10) Big Box PC Game Collectors

This group is dedicated to those who love (and miss) the glory days of computer gaming. They welcome all personal computer posts - including Apple, TRS-80, Commodore. Everyone is welcome, whether you have 1 boxed PC game or 1000, or whether you are just interested in what they're doing.

11) MS-DOS Gaming

Anybody remember an old operating system called MS-DOS? Anybody remember that they actually made games for it that completely and utterly owned anything available on consoles then (and now)?
If so, then join this group. Together, we can convince the big companies to forget Direct X 11 and the draconian DRM schemes found in modern games, and to return to a simpler, happier command-line based way of playing.

12) Indie Retro News

No words can describe how awesome this place is, so why haven't you joined it yet? ;)

13) Amstrad CPC 464

This group is dedicated to the Amstrad CPC 464 Please let them know what games you owned or played or better still - if you still have a CPC 464 or use an emulator, what games you still enjoy. Fire away people.............

And these are all my favourite groups that you really should pop in and say hello, oh and if you do say hello, tell them Indie Retro News sent you ;)

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