Twin Dragons - Charming platformer in development for the NESdev compo 2016

As a heads up by RVG a brand new NES game is in development for the NESdev compo 2016, and it's called ' Twin Dragons ', developed by Glutock. This is a charming looking side-scrolling platformer that will feature decent animations, physics, moving platforms, items and power ups and much more to make this a worthy sounding game indeed. According to the developer at its current stage of development ; collisions, simple AI and basic sound effects are working, but flying enemies
a boss, game over screen and slopes still need to be implemented.

Twin Dragons uses some of Surt's graphics and MadMarcel extra graphics, with a test level being used to check every feature. But the developer is looking for advice or articles on level design, as such provided in the thread is a ROM for you to have a go and give your feedback. If you haven't done so you may need to register at the forums located (HERE)

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