Wolfenstein 3D remake now on the Pico-8!

As the 8-bit fantasy console Pico-8 gets improvements to its engine, people are pushing its boundaries more and more. As a result, more and more raycasting demos and games are coming out of the woodwork. As well as a Duke Nukem 3D demake/demo, is a WIP of the granddaddy of them all, Wolfenstein 3D, which many will recognise as the starting point for the whole First Person Shooter genre.

Pico-8 forum member Happybutterfly originally created a port for Wolf3D in scratch for kids, and so has removed the swastikas from the assets, but apart from that has converted the original game assets of the first level down to Pico-8 palette and in doing so, doesn't seem to have lost much except in resolution. As a result, we have a near perfect albeit minified conversion which runs as smooth as the original.

Currently, the port is just the first level and doesn't appear to let you end it, But I'm sure that'll change as Happybutterfly improves it. It's a sweet rendition of the classic which really captures the feel of the original.

Play the cartridge for free on the pico-8 forum or download the cart through the pico-8 editor 'splore' mode.


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