Zap Fight 2 - Special Edition [seuck] - An EPIC shoot em up hits the C64

Glorious news this Sunday evening, especially you are a fan of shoot em ups, as Psytronik Software and Reset Magazine Staff have released the latest frantic shooter for the C64 ' Zap Fight 2 'aka 'Zapped to Oblivion!' Featuring the graphics of Alf Yngve, code by Martin Piper and music by Richard, this rather eye opening shoot em up is inspired by the classic game Slap Fight and features lots of blasting action and plenty of power ups to keep you busy.

It isn't often I say this but Zap Fight 2 is a seriously good Shoot em up game that was developed using SEUCK. Right from the word go as the tape is loading you are blessed with a top quality tune and loader image that is sure to make you sit back and actually enjoy the long load before the game is ready to be started. From then on you are treated to even more fantastic music and cool graphics that will please even the most hardy of C64 gamers.

But if music and graphics isn't enough to make a good game, this also has the gameplay as you will be hooked blasting lots of enemies above and below ground, picking up power ups while also appreciating the smooth scrolling and no slowdowns. Seriously guys Zap Fight 2 by Psytronik Software and Reset Magazine Staff is a C64 game you don't want to miss!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Tape

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