Zelda Parallel Worlds - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past fan overhaul celebrates 10+ years

Oh what a glorious day it is today for Zelda fans, as in celebration of 10 years of its first release v1.0 by Euclid & SePH, The Legend of Zelda : Parallel Worlds on the SNES has been enhanced and improved upon with a ton of new additions and fixes by qwertymodo. Regarded as one of the hardest and most popular hacks as a fan overhaul of the Legend of Zelda : A link to the Past, already had new graphics, new music, a new overworld/underworld and a new storyline, but as of today it's even more awesome!

Old footage

Some of the new features include:

Full CD-quality soundtrack via MSU-1 audio support
Stun enemies by hitting them with your bare fist (no sword)
Upgraded AST-Style Pegasus Boots
Break pots and collect items with the sword
Shovel is now usable, with random treasures
Loading your game starts with full health instead of half
Able to save the game at any time, no need to get the sword first
Backtracking from the top of the Parallel Tower is possible (eliminates an extra climb for the Kokiri Emerald)
Bomb knockback no longer damages Link

Additionally, many existing bugs were fixed:

Title screen graphical glitch on real hardware fixed
You can collect both boomerangs
You can collect the second Mushroom even with Magic Powder in your inventory
Mothula has been fixed
Game crashing door in Blind’s room has been closed
Infinite scroll glitch outside Icy World Church has been blocked
Impa’s Ways crystal glitch is fixed
Various buggy interior doors fixed
Various overworld exit coordinates fixed
Palette glitch with the bunny sprite in the Parallel Tower fixed
Hylian shield overworld palette improved (when stolen by Pikit)
Various typos fixed

First things first, to play Zelda Parallel Worlds you will need:

1. The included patch
2. A patching program such as beat or Floating IPS
3. A copy of Zelda A Link To The Past (U) WITHOUT A HEADER
   (Don't bother asking for the rom!)
4. Other useful Information:
   CRC32: 7A569B88 (only if you hard patch the rom)
   Patched Size: 1.5MB (1,572,864 bytes)

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