AmiGameJam 2016 - Brus Lii & The Last Star Fighter as new Amiga games teased!

Throughout the years we've had a number of Game Jam's in which creators from around the world come together to make a game in a theme set by the competition organisers. And so at the tail end of last year and into Jan 2017 it was the Amiga's time to shine, as the latest AmiGameJam was announced bringing Amiga devs together to create hopefully top-notch games for the community to enjoy, especially with this latest theme of ' TV Shows and Movies '. Furthermore they can use game creation software such as SEUCK or Backbone.

Although this Jam wasn't as popular as most Jams we've seen or wrote about, a number of games have made an appearance and have been teased this year before the eagerly awaited demo or full game. One such game which was mentioned in our Commodore Amiga Facebook group was, ' The Last Star Fighter ', which is based on the 1980's film of the same name and tells the story of Alex Rogan (Lance Guest), a teenage boy recruited by an alien defence force to fight in an interstellar war.

From what we can tell so far about the game, it is going to be a shoot em up and is being developed by a team of people such as Johnny Acevedo‎ and Wayne Ashworth. Also as a further update The Last Star Fighter will also be using Topaz 8 font and will be developed using Amos for Amiga 1200's and up, but an Amiga 500 is being developed for release after the competition.

The last game which was teased was Brus Lii and is currently being developed by AmigaWave. This is a side scrolling Beat em up and puts you in control of the legendary Bruce Lee, who must kick and punch his way through multiple opponents to rescue his beloved from the mean Lord X. The game features nice enough graphics and a cool soundtrack which plays throughout.

And that's all the games we've seen so far, for further details and upcoming voting results see the main page (HERE)

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