Project ZX - A retro styled shoot em up in dev that will surprise you!

You may have heard the name before, Richard Langford of Langford Productions, he's the same guy behind the PC remakes of ZX Spectrum games such as Cookie, Pssst, Highway Encounter, The Hunch and even Frank N Stein. Basically he keeps to the original gameplay as close as possible but remakes them in a more modern look for the PC. But now as a recent heads up in the ZX Spectrum group, he is making a brand new game but this time with a number of influences from past well known ZX Spectrum classics...Welcome to 'Project ZX'!

Unlike the other games in his library this one is going to be a Spectrum-nostalgia based Shoot em up, but instead of it being a remake as such, it will be a new game with you battling as a space ship through scenes of over 100 classic and not so classic Spectrum games to defeat Clive Sinclair. In his words "to defeat him over an outrageous scheme to get the Spectrum remembered as an educational tool".

As you can clearly see in the screenshots above, there are many screens in the game that will stand out with those of you who remember the ZX Spectrum. Especially with Thrust, and of course some of the Ultimate Play the Game's classics. Other than that, that's pretty much all we know as it was just announced today, but the developer has hinted of a release within the next two to three weeks.

Links : 1) Facebook 2) Website

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