Feral Umbra - A demonic pixelated platformer in dev by DesixStudios

Jeff Cotten has contacted us via our Facebook page of a brand new game that is in development called ' Feral Umbra ' by DesixStudios. This game with what looks to be high grade pixel art with dark demonic backdrops, is an upcoming adventure in which you are to explore a vast and alive world filled with demons, ancient technology, and challenges. On a journey to extirpate the malevolent power which conceived you.​

Although it is still at a very early work in progress with much to be done, the developer has given us a large amount of information in regards to the features in the game and even the visual elements which have been changed or due to be added in development. Do note however there has been numerous discussions over this being a Shadow of the Beast fan game, but DesixStudios has said this will lessen over time although some similarities may still show.

Gameplay Features :

  • There will be checkpoints and no lives, so failure will mean you have to do it again from the start, enemies rarely repeat with many unique foes
  • There will be both friends and foes, some will probably give you a hand
  • Puzzles are integrated into the environment. For example, there will be a reason a certain set of things are there rather than everything looking out of place.
  • Some enemies attack and are more sentient while others are much more abstract and don't move/attack so to speak, and are to be avoided.
  • There's no complex levelling up or that sort of element. In that aspect it will be kept much more simple. However, it is unavoidable that as you progress throughout the game that you change in certain ways as you begin to destroy the 'power'. ;)
  • There'll be a simple inventory, simple items. And yes, weapons.

Visual Features :

  • There are a lot more foreground (and even background) elements than you've seen so far, to really add context to areas and busy up the scenes as a whole. It wont look as open as it currently does, at least not everywhere.
  • There are differently dressed/decorated areas within each level (most of which are huge by the way).
  • Enemies have the same level of detail and animation as you do!
  • The main character has an upgrade!. He will carry over some similar elements but will look far less like a painted man in a mask, and far less like a SOTB knockoff. His animations are completely redone and are much more ferocious. He's a demon, he's a brute. "I'm hoping this will also be the end to major SOTB comparisons. But it'll always be similar."
  • Many more effects! To name a couple: Waterfalls, rivers (danger!), grass, dynamic trees/bushes. 

For further information see the development discussion (HERE)

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