Max Knight - A brand new 2D platformer appears on the Amiga!

At the end of last year towards Christmas time, Pixel Nation released the homebrew platformer of ' Max Knight Xmas ' as a festive teaser for the upcoming full Amiga game that was due to be released this year. Well you'll be pleased to know Pixel Nation has been true to their word and as of today the full version of ' Max Knight ' is available for all to download and play on an Amiga in both ADF or HD format.

Once again developed in Backbone, you play as Max Knight and must traverse through 36 challenging levels in 5 worlds, collecting items, avoiding enemies and finally must free your brother from the evil dragon!  Max Knight requres - OCS/AGA, m68k, 14mhz, 2mb chip

Links : 1) Source 2) ADF 3) HD

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