Moonstone Preview V2 - C64 preview of an Amiga hack and slasher classic

If you've got an Amiga and a C64 or just remember playing both of them through the years, then this piece of news is sure to blow your mind! As the 1991 Amiga Mindscape classic ' Moonstone : A Hard Days Knight ' has been teased on the C64 as a preview. Titled as ' Moonstone Preview V2 +D ' and made available by Onslaught, this is a very early dev port of the most incredible and gorish Amiga hack and slasher/beat em up game of its time.

According to Genesis Project, the C64 version of Moonstone is an unofficial conversion by Michelangelo Carbonara of the Mindscape Amiga game, which was first shown off in 2005. Sadly however ever since that time , the project has stalled and the only current version available to play is this one, although it does give you an early glimpse at how good it could've been if the project was completed. You can choose your knight, rename him, move around the map with different areas affecting your movement and even battle boars with the same moves from Moonstone... And yes, that's pretty much it.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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