Ghost - New MSX game in development by Francisco Tello de Meneses creator of Unepic

Nenefranz has just sent us word about a brand new game that is in development for the MSX and is being created by Francisco Tellez de Meneses, the same developer behind the rather cool platformers 'Unepic' and 'Ghost 1.0', which were both released via Steam. This latest game which is also known as Ghost but for the MSX, was presented last December at the 50th RU of Barcelona, where it gained very positive attention towards a final product with a lot more features.

According to, Ghost is a metroidvania type game where you control a digital entity that can leave its body and so pass through doors, walls and floors. In addition, the character is also able to take control of enemy robots, using their own weaponry against them. But in the end, the focus is still on exploration and finding the right items to progress on your quest. As for the full game over from the previous showing, it will feature a huge amount of rooms 100 of them in fact, with 5 maps as well as big boss battles. Currently the game is on progress to be released at the next RU in Barcelona towards June and then later to be sold online. A special addition has also been mentioned.

EDIT : Please see comments regarding update 

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