Jetpac Wars Preview - A very early work in progress C64 shooter based on a classic

Along time ago, 1983 to be exact, Ultimate Play The Game released the famous game Jetpac for the ZX Spectrum and Vic-20, with the BBC Micro version released later in 1984. It star'd the legendary character Jetman, on a mission to rebuild a rocket in order to explore other planets while also defending himself from Aliens with his powerful laser. It was and still is an incredible game that has since mentioned again, but this time as a very early work in progress 2 player shooter in Jetpac Wars Preview, which is being developed by MSCIFU and teased by Genesis Project.

Now before you get ahead of yourself's and think this is going to be one awesome preview with lots to do, you'd be sadly mistaken. In this game about the only thing you can do is fly your little Jetman around a single screen while shooting at the secondary player Jetman for an ever higher hit score. And that's about it, because there's nothing else going on and if you play on your own shooting at your opponent to the right hand side will mean he doesn't come back! Still, I can't wait to see how this progresses, especially IF the developer adds extra enemies to avoid or even new screens to play on.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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