Takeout Freakout - Frustratingly challenging ZX Spectrum game via LoadingScreech

A new ZX Spectrum game for Wednesday and this one is called Takeout Freakout and was developed by LoadingScreech using the PGD game engine, and not AGD which most games are developed with. In this game you play as a fast food worker who is trapped inside a takeaway haunted by alien mutant hamburgers. Not only do you have to escape this hellish ghostly experience, but tomorrow is your Astronomy exam and if you miss that, it's really bad news!

Takeout Freakout certainly has similarities to other classic games in which you need to jump over moving enemies, avoid deadly traps, the collection of objects to open doors to complete each of the levels and at worst you must try not to fall to your death, which happens a lot in this game. The overall problem with Takeout Freakout however isn't just the frustration factor as the collision detection is annoying, but the music is extremely repetitive to point of driving you insane. Still though if you can put aside those flaws, the game is still decent enough to play with well designed levels.

Update : The developer has said the music will be made longer and will be changed at some point.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download

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