Dragon's Breath - The best Dragon game ever? Amiga playable on PC and MAC!

When I was but a we'lad I played in my opinion one of the best ever games ever to grace a computer; a game whereby you could not only control Dragons, but you could breed them AND use Alchemy to either improve or if failure, make them sick before the battle ahead. It just had to be the ultimate Dragon game, Dragon's Breath AKA Dragon Lord by Palace Software, LTD and Spotlight Software in 1990. Which has also been unofficially made available via GamesNostalgia as a freely launchable exe file for PC and Mac.

In this game you play as a mighty lord that has to compete against a number of other lords to find the Magical Talisman. This is done by selecting an egg in the hatchery screen and giving it the right amount of heat, using Alchemy to improve your dragons stats, and sending them off to select areas to either burn them to the ground or control them. What made this game so unique even today, is how much control you had in this game and what you could do. Sure there are other games where you can fly Dragons but in this Amiga, Atari ST and MS DOS game you could actually breed a mighty dragon and even fight in a top down shoot em up style. - How cool is that?

Seriously I could go on and on about this game till my fingers drop off, but this game took many weeks away from my childhood, and damn was it some of the best weeks of my life!

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  1. my son and i equally lost many weekends and school holidays playing this game


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