Code Zero - The clock is ticking in this new ZX Spectrum game, can you save the planet?

This always happens, you spend a few days away with loved ones, and out comes a new homebrew game that I'm a few days late for. So here is Paul Jenkinson's latest ZX Spectrum game 'Code Zero' developed using Arcade Game Designer, which puts you in the boots of a lone agent sent to shut down the main computers of a single test station, that is about to implode due to a dangerous isotope. You're the only agent suitable for the job, all the personal are dead or in hospital and only you can circumvent the cyber protection before everyone is wiped out.

In this game you play as a lone agent and must collect key cards that have been left by the fleeing staff to open the electronic doors that separate each areas of the station. Many of these keys can be found scattered throughout the different levels, that can accessed by a lift. Which will hopefully allow you to gain further access to the main computers and shut down the reactor before it’s too late. But be warned, you have to be extra careful! As with every new area the clock is ticking, you have a limited amount of lives, and not only are there deadly machines floating about, but the station is falling apart! So watch out for the dripping toxins.

Code Zero is a really nice game that looks every bit of a commercial product, even though it's free. The graphics are very nice with each room having its own unique design touch, such as stacks of books, crates and barrels. The enemies are a real challenge with the added traps that will have you thinking about your next move, and the animation is spot on with precise controls to the main character.

But here's where the only negative lets this game down, as even though the UI shows the key number in your possession, there's no way of knowing what door it is used for, which usually means you will be constantly back tracking to find the correct door... But apart from that, Code Zero is a highly recommended download for all speccy fans!

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