Globus - Unreleased ZX Spectrum game from 1987 finally appears!

It's time to spread the news far and wide for the ZX Spectrum, as Paco Lafuente has announced the release of his 1987 game ' Globus ', which has never seen the light of day until now. Developed as a Pac-Man variant and made in Z80 machine code, this game turns the original on its head and instead of having dots to eat, you must spend energy on one side of the maze and get to the other until your energy tank is completely filled. Also unlike Pac-Man, there are ghosts in this game as robots but they can only be dealt with by a swift use of an electrical discharge.

There's a far more detailed release description in Spanish on the main website, but for this article I'll stick to my gameplay thoughts. Globus is a really nice game that is highly addictive with enjoyable music played throughout. It's so nice to see a different take of Pac-Man on the ZX Spectrum, and instead of constantly eating dots, all you need to do is get from one side to the other just to refill an energy device while also disarming bombs and avoiding robotic ghosts, that only need a swift press of the button M to make them dazed. It's just a shame this game never saw the light of day as I could see it being one of those must have games in a collection.

Links : 1) Source(Spanish) 2) Source (Translated ) 3) Download

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