Super Hydorah - Locomalito's Shoot em up gets the big greenlight thumbs up

Fantastic news this afternoon as Locomalito, the same designer behind such games as the fantastic Ghouls 'n Ghosts style game of Maldita Castilla, and the ZX Spectrum look alike Platformer of l'Abbaye des Morts has announced 'Super Hydorah' is a Steam Greenlight success and will be released by Abylight Studios for the PC. A stunning Shoot em up in the making featuring high quality graphics while giving us nostalgic memories of an era of golden gaming, Super Hydorah will have the best bits of other classic games while bringing it bang up to scratch for both retro and modern gamers alike.

If you were addicted to games such as R-Type or even Gradius, you're going to love Super Hydorah when it finally appears to buy in your steam listing  It will allow you or with a friend in co-op to choose the path you want to follow and fight planet by planet against hordes of enemies with features such as 21 intense levels, unlockable weapons, power ups, secrets, multiple dangers in each level and much much more. So head on over to the Steam Greenlight page and check it out, this is a game you'll not want to miss.

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