Prohibition Remake - JavaCPC Games owner remakes a classic Amstrad shooter in Java

Markus Hohmann of JavaCPC Games has contacted us to let us know about the latest Amstrad Java remake of Prohibition that is available for download for PC and Mac. First released in the early 80's in the Arcades and then ported over to the Amstrad in 1987 by Inforgrams, this remake is of the Amstrad version and features gun blasting first person action with mouse support, tv filters, difficulty modes, and even sweet swinging background music.

Set in 1931 New York, just like the original game, you are tasked with the avenging of your family that was killed in a gang shoot out. Shooting at mobsters and the mafia boss, this game is pretty similar to titles such as Operation Wolf as you move a target around the screen shooting at bad guys that appear in windows or on the street. Thankfully the game does give you a time countdown and a directional arrow as a guideline to where these enemies are going to appear that need to be dealt with as soon as possible

In terms of the remake however, Prohibition by JavaCPC Games is very nice indeed and really brings home those nostalgic memories with the added smoothness of a more modern release, the only thing I wasn't keen on was sometimes the aim can be a bit off, such as shooting the guy holding the lady hostage, means she is shot and the bad guy survives, even if my aim was clearly a head shot. But putting that aside it's still worth playing, and you can even download the full remake for free!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Facebook Group

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