Uropa 2 : The Ulterior Colony and Genetic Species - Even more DamienD Amiga CD to HD conversions!

The Amiga is getting a lot of attention lately, as after previously releasing Final Odyssey, The Strangers and Foundation as fully playable Amiga games without the need for the original Amiga CD. DamienD has moved on to Uropa 2 : The Ulterior Colony and Genetic Species, which as of today completes the "Vulcan Software MegaSeries Vol. 1-4" collection first released in the late 90's. Both of these are sci-fi based, whereas Uropa is an isometric adventure, Genetic Species is a first person shooter which has similarities to GLOOM.

According to the original publishers Uropa 2 is a sci-fi mission based adventure game, developed in an isometric style, with 3D vector light sourced environments. In it, you play as part of the Tekite warrior based on the moon Uropa2 and must go on covert operations to rescue surviving colonists and wipe out the enemy Kapone Commanders. You can repair and access computer terminals, download information, buy equipment and ammunition with up to 8 different weapons, which can be used against many deadly enemies found in the game. Please note as for requirements, Uropa 2 does require 2MB memory and has been optimised for AGA systems.

As for Genetic Species, which is my personal favourite in the Vulcan collection. This is a first person shooter based in a violent 3D world, which has elements of warfare and puzzle solving found throughout multi-level missions. You are equipped with many powerful weapons and the latest state of the art equipment such as the Portable Probe Device were you will be able to Psyche travel through your environment and engage in Body Transfers to assume the identity of other Characters. As for the requirements of this game, Genetic Species requires an AGA Amiga with an 020 CPU, a minimum of 2mb chip and 8Mb fast memory. For download and install instructions, please visit the discussion links below. FTP files can be located at ~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs or ~Uploads/DamienD/HDFs

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Links : 1) Source Uropa 2 2) Source Genetic Species 3) FTP 4) Previous Games

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